The Define of Latisse Product

Proverb: To know one’s own strength and the enemy’s is the sure way to victory. in fact, shopping is the same reason,must to know the product,then determine whether suits for you.Today, we just talk the define of latisse product.

Eyelashes grow for sometime and then eventually fall. Latisse exceeds the growing phase and the number of hair that buds out. Latisse needs to be applied on the upper lash line every night using a clean cotton. Once you close your eyes, it will spread by itself on your lower lash line. Please ensure that your face is clean before you apply it on your eyes, also, make up and contact lenses should be removed.

Coming to Careprost, it is a generic form of the same liquid Latisse. Latisse gives great results for eyelash growth; however, it comes expensive. In comparison, Careprost bimatoprost is more affordable.

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