Testimonials by Lilash customers



My lashes used to be long and pretty but after wearing falsies a few times I lost my lashes to the adhesive that was used. So for the longest I’ve been wanting to try Latisse after coming across it on a youtube video from me googling around. Finally last month I decided to go for it but didn’t want the expense of Latisse. I can see some changes in my lashes in just 2 weeks. They are definitely thicker and looking like I have mascara on when I don’t. I must admit that it stares to only apply to upper lid but I’m applying to my lower lid as well. I’ll update in another week or 2 and see where my results are then. I’ve had no side affects at all.




I had great results with latisse, and was using it for almost 4 years. I started to notice my eyes were consistently getting darker and more sunken about 6 months ago. I’m not sure why I didn’t have these side effects from the beginning. Unfortunately, I had to stop using it. It’s been about a month and it seems like most of my periorbital fat has come back. It was great while it lasted… I might try using it again a few months from now.


Diane Coan

I have been using it for about 9 weeks. It says on most reviews that it takes around 12-16 weeks for results to show but I saw significant results in only 7 weeks, which was really exciting. My lashes continue to grow! There are horror stories online-I do not believe them. I have not gotten any skin discoloration or eye discoloration. I have light blue eyes and light skin. This product has been wonderful! My boyfriend has given me many compliments, he even asked if I was wearing fake eyelashes!


Shannon Lane

My lashes are still growing strong! My mom complimented them last weekend! She said she had started using Latisse in the past but stopped (no reason, that’s just how she works). My left eye lashes are significantly fuller than my right eyelashes, but I know they will even out in time. I still have not been using the product long enough to have achieved “full results”. I love the product, I don’t have any side effects from it, I use it most nights.



I was very pleasantly surprised by this Latisse. I honestly had no idea what to expect when I purchased it. It feels very cool and refreshing when you apply it to your lashes. After a few days of use I am starting to see a difference in the volume of my lashes. I feel like they seem stronger and less likely to shed, so to say. Once I realized how the product worked I got genuinely excited to see the long term results.


Jodi O’Donnell

After 16 weeks, I can definitely tell that my lashes are longer and fuller. More on one side than on the other but I’m hoping they’ll even out eventually. Still can’t replace my falsies but they’re great.


Christine Cooper

I have been using this product every day for almost a year and have definitely noticed longer lashes within a month or so. I also use it on my eyebrows as they were beginning to thin and they, too, have filled in nicely. I would recommend!



I really love this product. I use it on days when I don’t have to wear makeup because you can’t use when you already have mascara on. As I get older, I have noticed that my eyelashes look less full. Even with mascara, my eyelashes are not as long/full as I would like.I have been using this product for 7 days (apply each night). It does seem as if my lashes have taken to the serum as my lashes seem to be a bit longer.